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Hello everyone here by Mehtala

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Hello everyone here by Mehtala

Post by Mehtala on Tue Dec 24, 2013 11:11 pm

So hello everybody.
As you see, im Mehtala and iw been out of mu circus for some time now, since last time i played was in end of 2009/begining of 2010.
How i ended up here and back to MU stuff, well you can thank or blame Psycadelix for that matter, since he kind of made me join here via Facebook.
I used to play with pretty various nicks, and one of the first ones were Lizard3123 and Lizard313 wich i used in AllianceMU back in 2006(?). Cant rly remember years so well, but it was time when AllianceMU was hosted by Caviar and SexyBW and season2 was new at the time.
Since it closed i played on few servers hosted by friends i got from AllianceMU and mostly was part of the staff (Admin, GM, HGM) on servers like BladeMU, SexyMU and some others i cant remember. These i played with nicks Mehtala, Lizard and Saga.
And here we r now, on this server where Psycadelix (thanks bro) kind of made me join by accident. I was bored, and needed something to do, so i downloaded client and started playing. This was 3-4 days ago, and iw already got few friends and im looking forward to get more as the server grows.
Im using here nicks Mehtala(SM), Saga(BK) and Seraphin (Elf), so cya in game. If you need help with lvlup or smthing game related, feel free to contact me ingame.

ps. hope there isnt too many typos in text Very Happy


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